The time has come for Time Out to finally resurface, rejoice! |
Time Out No. #1 | Thu 20 August 2020 | Issue No. #2593
Look who’s back (spoiler: it’s us)
After months of being called Time In, it gives me unfathomable pleasure to announce that, as of right now, we’re once again Time Out. Are things ‘back to normal’? Nope. You still need to take care, still need to worry about whether your choice of mask complements your eyes and still need to never sneeze in public ever again, ever. But it is okay to enjoy London. So get out there, use caution and have fun. It’s an honour to be your guide.
Joe Mackertich
London editor
Read Time Out again
Crack open a bit of the old bubbly: we’re called Time Out again. What’s more, we’ve brought back our all-powerful, much-loved, incredibly entertaining magazine. This one is a doozie, so you won’t want to miss it. What’s that, you won’t be around to pick it up all this week? It’s a good job we put the whole thing online for you to check out for free! Fill your boots and be happy.
Fingers on buzzers
Dire Straits shared a house in Deptford with which other band?
Stuff for you to do this week
Explore the great outdoors… indoors
If lockdown has given you a new appreciation for the foliage in your local park, then check out 'Among the Trees' at the newly reopened Hayward Gallery. Through sculptures, installations, drawings, paintings and photographs, the exhibition explores artists’ relationships with trees via works from the likes of Steve McQueen, Roxy Paine and Peter Doig. Pre-book your ticket online.
The best of the rest:
Nice noods: Haven't managed to book anywhere to make the most of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme? Make a beeline for Bone Daddies, where there are no reservations so you can just turn up. Plus, you can tuck into a bowl of their signature tonkotsu for a mere £5.80 thanks to EOTHO. Happy slurping!

Fresh-air art: The Line sculpture trail, an outdoor art exhibition which runs between the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and The O2, is a) free and b) outside, which makes it ideal for social-distancing. Even better, you can see ‘Reaching Out’, a nine-foot bronze sculpture of a modern-day Black woman that's recently been unveiled. It’s a celebration of Black British identity now.

Stage fright: London’s theatres are still waiting to get the green light to reopen, but in the meantime you've got two days to enjoy The Old Vic's 2015 production of ‘Jekyll & Hyde’, in which the story is reimagined as a ‘dance thriller’. It’ll be on YouTube until 7pm on Wednesday.

Check out our full list of the day’s best events, updated every day.
Witness the rebirth of Chinatown
London’s Chinatown was one of the first neighbourhoods really affected by the Bastard Virus. The impact on its restaurants and bars was immense and we genuinely feared for the futures of some of our favourite businesses. This week we took a trip into town to find out how the plan to pedestrianise its streets is helping rejuvenate the struggling area.
Oh, hey there, fancy a discount?
To celebrate Time Out’s return, our offers are coming to you with up to 20% extra off. Just use ‘WEREBACK’ at checkout.
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