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Time Out No. #3 | Mon 24 August 2020 | Issue No. #2594
London’s greatest potatoes, laid bare
The Quality Chop House is a proper restaurant. It makes everywhere else look a bit try-hard, like Bob Hoskins in a sea of Guy Ritchies. Arguably its most famous dish is confit potatoes, a sexy side that’s not left the menu since it was devised back in 2013. We chatted to head chef Shaun Searley and got him to go into forensic detail about what makes this humble tater such a goddamn star.
Fingers on buzzers
According to GPS, where is the exact centre of London?
Stuff for you to do this week
Arty garden party
If the phrase ‘the New Normal’ is already starting to feel a bit old, give it a decent burial at The New Normal Festival, a swish-looking series of performances set against the gothic splendour of a former Victorian orphanage in Wandsworth. There’s music, theatre, comedy, barbecue and booze on offer. And a load of Shakespeare, for some reason.
The best of the rest:
Not feeling very seen There’s a handful of tickets left for the Donmar’s spooky audio adaptation of José Saramago’s novel ‘Blindness’ by playwright Simon Stephens, narrated by Juliet Stevenson, which closes on August 22. A city’s inhabitants begin to succumb to an infectious form of sight loss. Panic ensues.

Mess with your head A palimpsest of imagination and memory, Chinese artist Cao Fei’s Serpentine show ‘Blueprints’ is a proper mind-bender. It’s her Beijing studio, it’s a cinema, it’s a factory, it’s none of these things. There are turtles. Swap mild confusion about where you need to wear a face mask for full-on disorientation.

You’re havin’ a laugh Ally Pally has repurposed a chunk of its outdoor terrace as a beer garden. But instead of oompah music and the waft of burning pork knuckle, this one boasts top talent for Comedy on the Terrace: Andrew Maxwell, Lou Sanders, Milton Jones and Ed Gamble. Plus views.

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Keep the clubbing dream alive
We had a nice chit-chat with the folk from Queer House Party about the challenges facing London’s nightlife and how their Zoom shindig unexpectedly found itself at the vanguard of clubbing culture during lockdown. Party on, people. Party on.
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